my journal has been deleted...almost gave me a heart attack until i activated it again...

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My mom and sister just had a horrible fight and I am so deeply ashamed to have been yelling at my mom. I love my mother. For all her flaws and the yelling, she's the only woman in this world that I love with all my heart and soul. And to have been against her, I just spent the last ten minutes crying my eyes out at the wrongs I have just committed. I just pray that our relationship isn't too broken and can be mended. I love her and I deeply and greatly hate the devil that had a hand in my hurting my mother.

The cops called..they need brains...

Well, it's official: I'm a delinquent. Well, not really because it's only my second time in court. But that first time was totally not my fault!! In my defense, I was in the middle of writing my Harry Potter story when I sold that pack of cigarettes so really, my mind wasn't in reality and they could hardly blame me for it. Besides, I didn't think the judge would like to read my fanfiction story on the romance of two guys.

Anyway, this second time is also not my fault. I mean, I looked both ways before I turned at the STOP sign so it was obviously a right thing to do! But this cop stopped me and gave me a ticket for something I did right and now I have to pay and go to court. It's so unfair. I hate the law, and I hate the government. Stupid people.
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